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Come and visit the many Ipswich maritime attractions, events, festivals and businesses at the Ipswich Waterfront. So, visit Ipswich Waterfront / Quayside / Docks.... come and see! Those visiting the Ipswich Waterfront can enjoy fantastic events including the Maritime Ipswich Festival and boat cruises and barges on Ipswich Docks. If you are visiting Ipswich there is a great range of Ipswich Waterfront Bars, Cafes and Shops. Luxury and Budget accommodation is available and many Ipswich businesses and community groups are located near Waterfront. The Waterfront is located within walking distance of the town centre and has several carparks available.

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The Ipswich Waterfront Action Partnership Group was established in 2006 as a community initiative with the purpose of working towards a friendly, thriving and vibrant community on the Ipswich Waterfront / Docks. In the name ‘Waterfront Action’, the partnership was committed to provide some inspiration for developing the community side of the area. The partnership group is formed from representatives from the public, private and voluntary/community sectors who work in the waterfront area. A number of reports were produced providing both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ data obtained as a result of surveys and reports and these are available upon request.

Several large successful events were held to develop a relational and vibrant Waterfront Community for both residents and visitors. A Community Fun Day was organised in 2009 and in 2010 the Waterfront Fete, leading to the reinstatement of the Maritime Ipswich Festival in 2011 with the partnership being heavily involved.

The partnership works with many organisations, helped facilitate the formation of the Waterfront Business Forum, facilitated Residents Meetings and provided regular enews for several years when key issues needed to be addressed.

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mail@ waterfrontaction.co.uk