John Dorkin's Charity, Ipswich

Providing grants to those in need in the extended ancient parish of Ipswich, St Clement's

The Trustees of the John Dorkin Charity are seeking applications to assist those in need in Ipswich


The John Dorkin Charity provides grants to those in need who live within the boundaries of the map shown which is based upon the Ancient Parish of St Clement / Holy Trinity / St Helen Ipswich

The criteria being those "who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities, calculated to reduce the need, hardship and distress of such persons".

In 1727, Captain John Dorkin left, by will £100 to be used in "relieving either generally or individually persons resident in the Ancient Parish of St Clement Ipswich with a preference for widows and children of seamen who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress". Through prudent financial investment since that time, the fund has increased considerably resulting in the trustees being able to continue to award grants to reduce the need, hardship and distress of such persons. Trustees have also with permissin of the Charity Commissioners increased the catchment area.

Historically, the sum of £1 was also paid to the clergyman leading the service on the 14th September each year, as, on that day, in the year 1716, John Dorkin was "by the providence of Almighty God, remarkably delivered from shipwreck, and preserved in a storm at sea".

Applications to provide help and support to those in need living in this area can be considered if they relate to people living within the boundaries shown on the map. Download Map

Applications can be submitted at any time, and are considered regularly by the Trustees. Examples of where funding has been approved include

For Individuals/Families
Redecoration – Carpeting – Curtains & Furnishing – Furniture & Kitchen Goods – Toys – Counselling – Children to attend residential camps/holidays/trips – Subscriptions for Clubs – Specialist Equipment – Transport to Hospital – Basic Essentials

For Organisations
Community Projects / Events / Toys / Cooking Equipment

The Trustees are unable to consider outstanding debts or in the relief of rates, taxes or other public funds and may not commit themselves to repeat or renew relief granted on any occasion in any case.


Applications can only be made via a 'Support Worker' (an individual acting on behalf of an appropriate agency providing support to applicant's or an organisation). Application forms must to be signed by the Support Worker and the Applicant(s)


GDPR May 2018 - Please note to ensure compliance with this new regulation our Application Form has been updated and a Privacy Notice produced. These need to be used for all new applications


 Application Form and Privacy Notice

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 John Dorkin Charity - Registered charity number 209635

Address for Communications: The Trustees, John Dorkin Charity, Trinity Bungalow, 20 Back Hamlet, Ipswich, IP3 8AJ.
John Dorkin Charity Ipswich is a member of
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